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Bacteria and Resistance to Antibiotics.

Identification using Nanotechnology and Microfluidics The goal of this project is to develop an in vitro test to identify the pathogenic bacteria and resistance parameters to antibiotics commonly encountered in human bacteremia. Doctors need a quick test to define the rapidly the most adequate therapy. The technology involves the extraction of DNA from pathogenic bacteria multiplied in blood culturesfollowed bymicrofluidic PCR amplification of extracted DNA and multiplex hybridization. This research consists in a proof of concept on a small number of bacterial species and resistance mechanisms of relevant clinical isolates, known as difficult to overcome.

The proof-of-concept elaborated in the Brainµ project is followed by further development in another project supported by BioWin designated PARADIS. Also, a bilateral collaboration between Coris BioConcept and Covaris, Inc. (Massachusetts), born from a BioWin initiative, will lead to the association of a very innovative method of DNA extraction to this diagnostic system.



Companies: Coris BioConcept, WOW Technology

Universities: Université Libre de Bruxelles, UCLouvain – Mont Godinne