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Development of Innovative Holographic Cancer Markers

The primary goal of the HoloCancer project is to develop an instrument for cancer diagnostics, together with its associated consumable, based on Ovizio Diagnostics’ holographic imaging platform technology. More specifically, the system will be dedicated to the analyses of cervical cancer samples that can enter into clinical validation.

The consortium aims at the identification of unique novel human cancer biomarkers, relying on the use of state-of the-art proprietary digital holographic imaging. The biomarkers that we are aiming for in this project are:

  • Readily detectable
  • Cost-effective: detection is straightforward and cheap;
  • Amenable to high throughput screening;
  • Amenable to detection in clinical environment as basic as a GP practice.



Companies: Ovizio Diagnostics,

Universities: Université Libre de Bruxelles, UMons