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Development of a powerful therapy to fight antimicrobial resistance.

The aim of the Inteliphages project is to develop dried and encapsulated phages in order to treat bacterial infections that are either resistant to antibiotics or for which antibiotics are not indicated for other reasons. The development of dried and encapsulated phages targets pathogenic bacteria amongst which S. aureus, K. pneumonia and P. aeruginosa. The development of dried phage will significantly improve their stability and will allow their accurate dosage. Phages will also be processed in order to obtain a long shelf-life at room temperature. Interestingly the project will measure the survival of phages through gastro-intestinal adverse conditions and the effects of such phages against target bacteria into a gastrointestinal environment. Orally administered phages to control pathogens face important challenges, mainly related to the hostile conditions found in the gastrointestinal tract. Phage survival under these conditions can be jeopardized and undermine treatment.

The 2 main objectives regarding valorisation of the project can be summarised as follow:


  • Provide formulated phages (dry and encapsulated) for magistral use
  • Based on individual formulations, provide tailored phage therapy (precision medicine)

Therefore, the innovative approach proposed by the consortium will broaden the use of bacteriophages as a powerful therapy to fight antimicrobial resistance


Companies : Vésale Pharma, Genalyse Partner

Universities: Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULiège

Research centers : Royal Military Academy / Queen Astrid Military Hospital (QAMH)

Bob Blasdel: