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Development of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of inflammatory mono-arthritis combining “novel” anti-TNF-α and viscoelastic scaffold

Mono-arthritis is generally treated by intra-articular injections of corticosteroids or of hyaluronic acid. However, due to their limited efficacy, or due to their toxicity, injectable corticosteroids are only administered a few times, which leads, in absence of alternative, to premature surgical intervention. Recent developments in molecular biology have allowed discovering novel mechanisms of action for known therapeutic compounds. Novel anti-inflammatory properties have recently been identified in a known, unrelated therapeutic class whom a few molecules are commercialized and off patent (AIC): these properties are an inhibition of TNF-α and IL-1β secretion, pro-inflammatory agents, and an increase in TGF-α secretion, a pro-regenerative factor. The interest of this project definitely lies in the opportunity of a significantly shortened development track and therefore of an early commercialization. The first generation JOIN T-AIC candidate is based on commercialized and off-patent compounds, for which the needs for pre-clinical and clinical studies will be significantly reduced.



Companies: Bone Therapeutics, Next Pharma

Universities: Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULiège

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