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MAGIA, The European MedTech Alliance dedicated to supporting the internationalization of SMEs, brings together 4 poles of excellence:  Lyonbiopôle (France), BioPmed (Italy), BioWin and Life Science Nord (Germany), and aims to achieve a solid and reciprocal understanding of the activities of the four clusters in order to strengthen their collaboration. In this context, each cluster was visited by the partners in the first few months of the collaboration, and working groups involving SMEs were organized to assess their needs and identify the two target markets to be addressed as priority. This is how China and the United States were selected.

The Alliance then worked to identify various key structures in these priority markets. This is how eight partnership agreements (MoU – Memorandum of Understanding) were signed via the European MAGIA project. These eight partnerships were negotiated during missions to the United States and China, organized thanks to the alliance.

Organizations with whom BioWin signed a partnership agreement are:

  •              Beijing B&R International Co-Incubation (China)
  •              Beijing Jishuitan Hospital (China)
  •              China Association for Medical Devices Industry (China)
  •              Professional Committee of Regenerative Medicine Technology Industry of China (China)
  •              Shanghai Medical Instrument Trade Association (China)
  •              Shulan Health Group (China)
  •              Tsinghua University Institute of Internet Industry (China).

These partnerships set up by the MAGIA Alliance allow SMEs from each ecosystem member of the project to access these two strategic markets more easily. Two market studies were also carried out and are available to members of the cluster.

The project ended on December 31, 2019.

To follow up on the openings in China and the United States, the MAGIA alliance aims to support its ecosystem to penetrate these markets and to explore a third target country identified thanks to the survey conducted among SMEs: Japan. At the end of October 2019, the submission of a phase 2 (MAGIA2Market) was therefore carried out by the 4 partner clusters.