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Graftys is an innovation-driven medtech company committed to the development and manufacturing of synthetic bone biomaterials. Graftys’ products are registered in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South America.

Graftys’ mission is to become a major player in the design, manufacturing & distribution of bone biomaterials, thanks to a solid  portfolio of products built on clinical  evidences and addressing patient’s/surgeon’s medical needs, and thanks to its innovation-driven approach.

Graftys develops, manufactures and commercializes smart resorbable-calcium phosphate-based – synthetic bone substitutes for use in reconstructive, orthopaedic, trauma/sport medicine and spinal surgery.  The Company has a pipeline of proprietary technologies ranging from highly injectable and resorbable calcium phosphate cements to combination devices that integrate synthetic biomaterials with bioactive substance or drugs, protected by a rich portfolio of patents.

Graftys’ key products are injectable Calcium Phosphate Cements : (i) Graftys® QuickSet, a fast setting cement and (ii) Graftys® HBS, a low viscosity high injectability cement.  These products are bioresorbable and present mechanical properties similar to those of cancellous bone. Graftys® QuickSet et Graftys® HBS can be used for several indications, including bone reconstructive and trauma surgery. These products are registered in more than 30 countries, including Europe and the United States of America and are already distributes in these countries via partnerships.

Contact: Isabelle Ruol – tel: +32 (0)71 18 32 40


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