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KitoZyme is a “green biotech company” created in 2000, starting from academic research on fungal-derived biopolymers at the University of Liege. From a technological start-up, KitoZyme has gradually evolved into an industrial and commercial company, employing 30 people and selling its products in more than 40 countries. KitoZyme is the only company in the world to produce non-animal chitosan and chitin-glucan on an industrial scale, thanks to a large patents portfolio and unique know-how. The non-animal origin of their ingredients give them access to applications and markets that the classical animal-derived biomaterials cannot address.

Kitozyme offers alternatives vegetal solutions to remove or reduce petro-chemicals, animal derive or toxic ingredient in agriculture & Health care.

In Agriculture field, Kitozyme offers with his range KiOfine a unique non-animal, natural solutions for wine and spirits makers to control microbiology, fight oxidation or as a flocculation agent, allowing reducing the use of sulfite, egg derivatives or other allergenic ingredients. Kitozyme also commercializes, KitoGreen a new biodegradable and safe biostimulant and biopesticides solution.

In consumer healthcare, Kitozyme is active on differents markets: They have developed several OTC products for digestive health & Weight management (Private label). Kitozyme offers with its KiOsmetine Range new ecocert/cosmos options for personal care & home care products.

Kitozyme also exclusively manufactures ultra-pure fungal chitin for his subsidiary KiOmed Pharma, based in Liège; this ingredient is use in Biomedical applications.


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Contact person
François Blondel, CEO

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