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Miracor Medical, a medical devise company, located in Awans, Belgium, provides innovative solutions for the treatment of severe cardiac diseases, aiming to improve short and long-term clinical outcomes and reduce associated costs. The company is an early stage commercial, positioned in a multi-billion dollar cardiology market opportunity, addressing an unmet medical need.

Founded in 2008 in Vienna (Austria), Miracor Medical has relocated to Belgium in December 2017, at the time of its Series-D financing round (25m€). Since its inception, Miracor Medical has raised around €70m of equity through private VC, public VC and strategic investors.

Miracor Medical has developed the PiCSO Impulse System, the first and only coronary sinus intervention designed to reduce infarct size, improve cardiac function by clearing microcirculation and potentially reduce the onset of heart failure following acute myocardial infarction. PiCSO (Pressure-controlled Intermittent Coronary Sinus Occlusion) is a novel, adjunct therapy to existing standard-of-care for AMI patients. PiCSO Therapy is applied during PCI, to protect and salvage myocardium and thereby improve clinical outcome and QoL and decrease the incidence of Heart Failure after AMI. After a first AMI, 25% of the patients will experience Heart Failure within 4 years.

The system is built around a console and a catheter, both developed and manufactured by Miracor Medical. The PiCSO Impulse Console controls intermittent coronary sinus occlusion, automatically adapted to the individual patient. The PiCSO Impulse Catheter is a balloon tipped catheter, which is placed in the heart’s coronary sinus through the femoral vein in a standard procedure.

To date, more than 230 patients have been treated with PiCSO. Controlled studies are currently performed to further confirm efficacy. The latest clinical results show statistically significant better outcomes for PiCSO-treated patients.

The technology has received ‘Breakthrough Designation’ from the FDA in 2019 and the CE-Mark in June 2020. Miracor is currently recruiting patients in a landmark European randomized controlled trial, while preparing for a US investigational device exemption study (IDE) and building up team for the upcoming commercialization.




Contact persons

Mme Anne NYAMI, Office manager & Management Assistant – 04 220 8800

Mr Olivier Delporte, CEO – 04 220 8801

Mr Bertrand Grimmonpré, CFO – 04 220 8802

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