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MOLECUBES manufactures and sells high-end preclinical imaging PET, SPECT and CT CUBES, which enable researchers and laboratory scientists to achieve high quality images supported by fast and simple workflows. The X-CUBE, ɣ-CUBE and β-CUBE are the most compact micro-CT, micro-SPECT and micro-PET scanners in the field of molecular small-animal imaging. They are designed to work both as stand-alone units and in modular combinations. Thanks to their benchtop design and total ease of use, MOLECUBES systems pave the way to the next generation of whole-body mouse and rat scanners.

At MOLECUBES we build preclinical imaging systems (CUBES) allowing researchers to perform high-performance SPECT/CT and PET/CT studies without complex system handling and with very limited lab space requirements. With our CUBES rats and mice are imaged whole-body while modularity accounts for the evolution of lab needs. Developed by end users our promises are simple: excellent image quality, functional design, intuitive software, high-throughput workflow and unmatched service commitments.

The X-CUBE, best-in-class micro-CT, is designed for modularity and simplicity of use. Whole-body mouse and rat applications benefit from fast acquisition speed and low animal dose, while iterative reconstruction guarantees high image quality.
The ɣ-CUBE, best-in-class micro-SPECT, is unique in terms of modularity and simplicity of use. It offers high sensitivity and sub-millimeter resolution for whole-body mouse and rat imaging. Patented lofthole technology supports cube compactness. State-of-the-art reconstruction guarantees excellent image quality.
The β-CUBE is the best-in-class micro-PET, providing sub-millimeter image resolution thanks to monolithic scintillators with depth of interaction, advanced photon detection and iterative image reconstruction. The β-CUBE is optimally designed for whole body rodent imaging, from high-throughput to advanced workflows.
The intuitive software and functional animal bed allow for easy and reliable multimodal imaging when combining all three CUBES.
Our offer is directed to the life science researchers coming from academia, private & public research institutes & hospitals, large and smaller pharma companies and preclinical CROs.
Systems are compatible with all biosafety levels from BSL1 to BSL4

Customer profiles:

  • Hospitals: Head of nuclear medicine departament, nuclear medicine physician, radiochemist, radiopharmacists, nuclear medicine physicist etc.
  • Academia : Laboratory head (molecular imaging, radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, neuroscience, nuclear imaging, preclinical imaging etc), research director, platform director, principal investigator, biologist, radiochemist, radiopharmacist, nuclear medicine physicist etc.
  • Pharma: Translational imaging manager/director, study director, molecular imaging director, senior researcher, research associate, preclinical development director, preclinical imaging manager, translational study director etc.
  • CROs: CEOs, CSO

Main research areas covered:
Oncology, neurology, immunology, inflamation, infection, drug therapy development, biodistrobution study, organs study, bone study.

Main competitors: Bruker, MILabs, Mediso
Key points that characterize our systems vs competition

  • High-end image quality & quantification
  • Highest throughput
  • Benchtop size
  • Ease of use
  • Modularity
  • Best uptime

Contact person:
Katarzyna DESROCQUES,; +33 642 570 343