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StratiCELL is a provider of biological data and scientific illustrations in the field of skin biology. StratiCELL supports players in the dermo-cosmetics and dermatology industry in understanding and sustaining the efficacy claims of their innovative products.

StratiCELL is a key life sciences partner dedicated to understanding skin biology, providing dermo-cosmetic players and pharmaceutical industries with reliable scientific data and illustrations for efficacy claim substantiation. Its 15 years of expertise relies on the manufacturing of reconstructed in vitro skin models and state-of-the-art tools and equipment for studying skin biology, morphology and transcriptome.

As a leader in creative and innovative solutions, StratiCELL continuously releases new in vitro skin models to support customers in their discoveries. Main testing strategies include bacterial and cell biology, full transcriptomic technologies and protein-based approaches.

Models of increasing complexity are developed to keep pace with the latest development in the treatment of endlessly changing skin concerns.




Christel Boudry, Business Developper – 0032 81 72 85 84 

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