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Spotlight on Neuropath!

This 36 months R&I project is carried out by Neuropath in collaboration with Multitel, ULiège / CHU, Artevelde Hogeschool and Eonix.  The project kicked off in the second half of 2020 with a budget of €3,4 million and is monitored by the BioWin and MecaTech clusters.

Neuropath developed a Digital Health Platform called NeuroInsights to empower people with Parkinson’s disease by connecting the daily living of the patient with the interdisciplinary team of care providers and clinicians to improve their quality of life.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Benoit Tas, CEO & co-founder of Neuropath.  Find out what his upcoming milestones are and his plans for the future!

BioWin: At which stage is the project now and what are the next steps/milestones?

Benoît Tas: “Technology wise, we have built the first generation of the platform, respecting all privacy and GDPR guidelines and the prototype has already been tested in Belgium and the UK.  Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that the platform, as well as the back office, have recently been certified CE class I.

We are currently working on 3 important upcoming milestones:
·       Being able to use VOICE to give voice-related exercises to the patient.
·       Integrate the analysis of MOTION through the patient’s smartphone functionalities.
·       Secure ACCESS of the platform to neurologists.”

BioWin: How many staff do you currently employ, and do you plan to hire more employees in the near future?   
Benoît Tas: “The team consists of around 6 fulltime equivalents and this year we plan to hire 4 to 6 additional developers and data scientists; we actually have 2 job openings for the moment (link to job “

BioWin: Are you seeking additional collaborations with other partners in the future?   
Benoît Tas: “We are always open to new opportunities, this year we particularly focus on hospital partnerships, pharma companies to establish pilot projects with regard to Parkinson’s disease and commercial partners for the marketing and roll-out of NeuroInsights.  We plan to launch the first generation of the application ‘class I’ still this year.”

BioWin: What is your hope for the future?   
Benoît Tas: “My goal is to substantially improve the quality of life of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and to contribute to a better understanding in order to find a cure, because today, there is none.”


“BioWin not only guided us through the administrative process, their contribution was decisive in the development of our ideas, our project and the selection of our partners”, said Benoît Tas, CEO & co-founder of Neuropath.


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Benoît Tas :


Companies : NeuroPath, Multitel, Eonix
Universities : Uliège/CHU, Artevelde Hogeschool