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Allyfe is the platform of choice for patient enrolment and engagement in clinical research. It all started from the team’s common desire to create a state-of the-art product which would make patient pre-screening, onboarding and informed consent easy, fast and reliable. The team is driven by the will to empower patients and the need to let healthcare professionals focus on their core business: providing care.

Allyfe enables online patient pre-screening, remote authentication and electronic signature for informed consent for clinical trials. Patients and researchers can interact virtually through a set of digital tools designed to guide their enrolment trail experience end-to-end. Sponsors can count on custom dashboards to monitor patient eligibility and consenting status as well as site performance metrics. Allyfe aims to actively empower patients and establish trust with and between healthcare partners and patients through built-in privacy, ethics, and security standards.


Antimo Fiorillo

0473 54 48 98