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Altertox is a belgian SME active in promoting alternative tests in toxicology for more than 10 years with a large portfolio of expertise ranging from in vitro/in silico methods to Artificial Intelligence, organoids and microfluidic devices.

Focused on alternatives to animal testing in toxicology and 3Rs, Altertox activities are:

  • Organizating personalized trainings for in vitro/in silico alternative methods
  • Evaluating penetration of the market of tests in toxicology for spin-off or start-up
  • Communication and dissemination services associated to the thematic of the company (Press articles, blogs, Congress organization, podcasts, videos, visuals)
  • Partner of 3 EU projects (Ontox, PrecisionTox and Panoramix)


Nathalie Belot
+32 (0) 474 52 39 45

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