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The MONITOSED project aims to develop the first non-pharmacological sedation monitoring system for use in daily clinical practice.

Currently, the standard for sedation of patients during medical procedures is pharmacological sedation. Several monitoring tools to assess the depth of anesthesia of the patient under pharmacological sedation are available on the market and are widely used in daily clinical practice. They allow anesthesiologists to objectively assess the patient’s condition during all phases of sedation and to adjust the level of sedation accordingly, to improve the quality of care. However, pharmacologic sedation has several drawbacks, including higher risks of intra-procedural adverse events and post-procedural side effects.

In 2017, Oncomfort created a medical device for Digital SedationTM, an alternative to pharmacological sedation. More than 75,000 patients have already been treated with Digital Sedation in regular practice, demonstrating the feasibility and validity of non-pharmacological sedation during medical and surgical procedures. However, there is no objective quantification tool that can be used in daily practice to measure, objectify and, on this basis, manage non-pharmacological sedation.

Consortium: Oncomfort, Pili Pili, UMONS et ULiège
Strategic domains : non-implanted medical devices and instruments

Contact: Clémence Toussaint