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Venair Group is specialized in the production in ISO7 cleanroom of silicone tubings, braided or not, TPE tubings and the assembly of single-use kits.

These standard products are available in stock in all our subsidiaries.

A Validation Package is supplied with all our products.

Venair Group is specialized in the production of silicone tubings VenaBio® Flow and thermoplastic elastomer VenaBio® Weld in ISO7 cleanroom.

We also have a range of braided silicone tubings: VenaBio® Braided Plus, Double Braided.

A large stock of these standard products is available in our subsidiaries.

We can also offer complete single-use kits with customized components, with gamma-irradiation service if necessary.

A full Validation Package is associated to all our products.

Our customers can rely on our three ISO7 production sites, two being in the European Union.



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