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The “BioMan” project or the common ambition to accelerate and intensify the digitalization of bioprocesses in Wallonia


BioWin, as coordinator, joins essenscia wallonie and CETIC in this “Industry of the Future” programme whose ambition is to reinforce Wallonia’s position among the European leaders in biomanufacturing.


What is the objective of the BioMan project?

Through the BioMan project, the BioWin cluster, the regional federation of chemical and life sciences companies essenscia wallonie and CETIC will work on a common objective to coordinate their efforts around biomanufacturing and digitalization.

BioWin and essenscia wallonie wish to act as a driving force to intensify and accelerate the digitalization of biopharma companies involved in biomanufacturing.
CETIC (Centre for Applied Research in Informatics) will provide the necessary digital expertise. Other external experts, selected according to the specific needs of the participating companies, will be chosen and mandated to provide personalized support.

The main action points of the BioMan project are:

– The digital awareness of companies active in biomanufacturing ;
– Diagnostic support for companies expressing their interest;
– The identification and the support to the elaboration of concrete digitalization projects focused on certain specific aspects. This includes, among other things, a roadmap, specifications, but also assistance in identifying financial tools to implement these projects;
– The collection of data on the future needs in technical skills of companies active in biomanufacturing.

Leadership position in biomanufacturing

Digitalization is one of the essential innovation angles if Wallonia wants to remain among the European leaders in biomanufacturing. The added value of the project for the Region is linked to its immediate integration in the Walloon digital strategy 2020-2024, in continuity with the “Digital Wallonia” strategic plan.

For the BioMan project, it is a matter of applying and adapting these approaches to the specificities of biomanufacturing. These global digital ambitions are at the heart of the “Industry of the Future” initiative. The application of this digital strategy will enable the Region to break through and remain competitive in this sector.

Conclusion :

The digitalization of biomanufacturing has many, many facets. By proposing its participation in an « Industry of the Future » programme, BioWin aims to join its partners in order to continue and especially to strengthen the awareness and inspiration mechanism on this theme initiated 4 years ago within the cluster. The objective is to involve a total of 30 companies.

Through the BioMan project, BioWin, in partnership with essenscia wallonie and CETIC, wishes to consolidate the support approaches already offered by the 3 organizations. By joining forces and through the specific skills and expertise brought by each, a personalized support of high added value will be proposed to the companies willing to participate.

The BioMan project will officially start in early 2022 and will last for a maximum of 2 years.

For more information on the BioMan project, please contact :

Thierry Ferain, BioWin,
Marc Tilmant, essenscia wallonie,
Paul Vanabelle, CETIC,
Jessica Miclotte, Agence du Numérique, Industrie du Futur,


BioMan is a project proposed by BioWin, essenscia wallonie and CETIC and supported by a regional programme of «Industrie du futur ».
The “Industry of the Future” programme aims to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing companies through the use of advanced digital technologies. A consortium of 37 partners is mobilized around 5 strategic axes (Governance, Awareness & Support, Organization & Skills, Digital Sector & Europe, Communication & Inspiration), including 13 objectives and 40 actions to be implemented by 2024. More information on