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The purpose of the Be4OneW project is to provide access to biopharmaceutical care (monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, etc.) to the greatest number of patients, whether in emerging countries or in our European countries, particularly in the event of a shortage or pandemic.

To achieve this goal, the present project proposes a disruptive approach to bio-production with the creation of a new technological platform able of producing, through continuous processes, very large volumes of biopharmaceuticals, while drastically reducing investment and production costs. The disruption would make it possible to produce tons of bio-therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, which are essential for many chronic and cancerous diseases, as well as for combating the lethal inflammatory effects of infections linked to viruses such as Covid-19.

Ultimately, the aim is to create a new industrial biomanufacturing sector in Wallonia that will enable Belgium and Europe to regain self-sufficiency in the production of strategic medicines and to become a world leader in biomanufacturing.


Companies : Bio-Sourcing, Univercells

Universities : ULiège

Research centers : CER Groupe

Contact :

Bertrand Mérot:
Kaio Tavares: