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EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference 2022 Hybrid Event

– Online from 26-30 September 2022
– Onsite Partnering on 11 October 2022 in Osaka, Hotel Hankyu International

The EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference 2022 offers business contacts to industry professionals who are looking for potential partners in the Biotech and Pharma sector.

After two years as an online only event, the partnering event will be held physically in Osaka again on 11 October with additional online sessions taking place from 26 to 30 September. Participants can choose, whether they participate inthe online sessions in September, the on-site sessions in Osaka on 11 October or both types of sessions.

All meetings need to be arranged in advance via this online platform. Online sessions in September will be held in the form of video calls, which can be made directly via this partnering platform without the need for any additional software. On-site partnering on October 11 will take place at the Hotel Hankyu International in downtown Osaka. Participants to these sessions will be informed of their latest meeting schedule with exact meeting time and location prior to October 11. Remote participation in the on-site sessions in Osaka will not be possible.

The event is co-organised by the Osaka Prefectural Government, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and the Enterprise Europe Network. It will be supported by various Bioclusters from Japan and Europe.

Access to this platform is reserved for registered participants from Japan, the EU, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein only (as of July 2022). Only those whose registration has been authorised through event organisers will be eligible to participate in this event.