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DeuterOncology is a clinical-stage drug development company. Its lead product, DO-2, is a deuterated MET kinase inhibitor that is brain penetrant and is being developed as a potential ‘best in class’ targeted therapy for MET driven disease.

MET-inhibitors shows success in NSCLC however these treatments are hindered by the toxic side effects that reduce the quality of life and force many patients to reduce or prematurely stop taking their treatment. One of the problems lies in the rapid metabolism of the drugs into an inactive form.  DO-2 overcomes this at source, having a metabolically liable hydrogen judiciously replaced with a stronger bond strength deuterium atom, resulting in a significant reduction of the primary metabolic liability.  Pre-clinical studies have shown less toxicity and an extended efficacious plasma exposure profile at low doses with DO-2 compared with non-Deuterated MET inhibitors. DO-2 is currently being evaluated in a first clinical study (NCT05752552).


Timothy Perera, CEO
+32 473 55 83 53