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Asthma is the most common chronic respiratory disease in the world. It is characterized by a non-infectious but exacerbated inflammation of the airways that severely limits patients’ lung function, severely reducing their quality of life, and may even require hospitalization.

In order to diagnose asthma and determine a treatment that is truly adapted to the patient, it is essential for physicians to be able to accurately estimate the level of inflammation located in the airways. The analysis of inflammatory cells present in sputum (SPUTUM) is an easy, reliable, but time-consuming method.

The partners of the SPUTUMAI project are joining forces to remove the obstacles to the widespread adoption of this diagnostic technique by using an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to analyze microscopic sputum slides and by placing the inflammation data in an electronic medical record adapted to the reality of this pathology. The objective is to allow clinicians to save time and increase precision during diagnosis and follow-up, but also to adjust the treatment of asthma patients in clinical routine. Beyond Walloon patients, the entire global market for the diagnosis and management of asthma patients will benefit from these innovations.


Companies : Cytomine Corporation SA, Zorgi
Universities : ULiège, ULB


Jean Beka:

Co-labelled with Pôle MecaTech, the latter being the main cluster for this project.