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HeartKinetics, founded in 2019, aims to revolutionize the management of heart failure by leveraging digital technologies to enhance patient care. We are dedicated to improving outcomes and transforming the lives of individuals affected by heart failure.

Intercepting heart failure

HeartKinetics is a medtech company active in digital health, specializing in solutions to the fast and easy detection and monitoring of patients with heart failure, even remotely. Created in 2019, HeartKinetics began in the field of human space exploration thanks to technology for the complete assessment of the heart function of astronauts in space. Building on these results, HeartKinetics now aims to revolutionize the management of heart failure. HeartKinetics offers a fully integrated solution with the ultimate goal of intercepting the disease in patients at risk of developing heart failure.


Amin Hossein, Co-founder & R&D Manager
+32 470 526 910