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BioLizard is a leading multinational bioinformatics, data analytics, and data management service and consulting company heading digital transformation in the life sciences industry. Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, BioLizard is the trusted go-to partner for data strategy and execution for life science companies engaged in activities ranging from drug discovery to clinical research and diagnostics. BioLizard accommodates a uniquely qualified team of 50+ experts, “The Lizards,” who bring together their expertise and abilities, covering data management, software engineering, bioinformatics, advanced data analytics, and AI. Their joint backgrounds in biology and computer sciences enable them to apply specialist understanding to each client’s data environment, to provide insights and tools that are aligned with the client’s goals, and to maximize R&D return on investment.

Transforming your biomedical data into actionable insights

An agile consulting company providing tailored solutions to the life sciences industry, BioLizard specializes in the handling of complex scientific data and application of state-of-the-art technologies for data-driven R&D, drug development, clinical trials, healthcare, and more. Complex and highly data-driven projects require specific solutions to be successful. Our complementary team of “Lizards” consists of computer scientists, IT architects, data engineers, bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, clinical data experts, and computational biologists, bringing together a broad expertise to cover all data-related needs relevant to the life sciences industry. To ensure our solutions fit our clients’ needs, we put great importance on effective communication. We make sure to understand the exact project setting, our clients’ environment, and their goals, so that we can act as a true ‘data partner’ to our clients, functioning as a seamless extension of their in-house R&D or bioinformatics operations.

You may contact us for:

  • Analytical solutions ranging from experimental design to analysis, statistics, reporting, and result interpretation of any scientific data type (omics, (pre)clinical development, healthcare data, etc.)
  • AI-driven biomarker, target, or drug discovery using our modular AI framework
  • Custom pipeline or algorithm development
  • Implementation of high throughput in silico workflows
  • Process and analysis automation
  • Data mining, engineering, and modeling of any type of scientific- or healthcare data from different sources and for a variety of applications
  • Software or app development
  • Consultancy services in IT architecture, data governance, and strategic advice for data-driven research in life science companies of any size


Amparo Cuéllar, PhD