Participating in HealthTech Innovation Days 2021 as an innovative healthcare company!

Why attend?

  • Private meetings
  • Conferences
  • Network event

Who should attend?

  • Biotech Companies – developing treatments currently undergoing clinical phases
  • Medtech Companiers – developing a technology close to hit the market or on the market
  • Innovative services Companies – developing innovative products & services highly demanded by healthcare partners
  • Digital Health Companies – product developed or under development with partners (hospitals, pharmas or industrial companies)

Why have a selection process?

To ensure a good match between the participants, HTID gathers disruptive European companies looking for additional partnerships and funding to scale up in Europe.

Before selection:

1 – Companies apply via the following online form:

2 – The selection committee will evaluate new applications every two weeks from April 21th until a few days before the event

3 – HTFC team will revert to companies with the finale decision or additional requests. Companies will receive a form for paying their participation.

After selection:

Based on payment proceed, companies will be confirmed as participant. In Person: €1,500* / In virtual €1,000* (ask our team for our discount code at contact[email protected])

Three weeks before the event, participants will receive an email giving them access to the partnering platform.

Participants schedule their meetings and book their agenda with preferred conferences.

D-Day! Enjoy your business meetings, conferences and network!