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KBI Biopharma

As the icon of next-Generation CDMOs, KBI Biopharma Is driving breakthroughs in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing that positively impact the lives of patients worldwide. With 8 locations both in United Stated and in Europe, KBI is a patient-focused biopharmaceutical industry analytical and manufacturing partner providing the following services : Cell…

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KitoZyme SA

KitoZyme is a “green biotech company” created in 2000, starting from academic research on fungal-derived biopolymers at the University of Liege. From a technological start-up, KitoZyme has gradually evolved into an industrial and commercial company, employing 30 people and selling its products in more than 40 countries. KitoZyme is the...
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Keyrus Life Science

Keyrus Life Science - formerly known as Keyrus Biopharma - is the C2RO launched by the Keyrus Group, the “Making Data Matter” company. Keyrus Life Science is a unique Connected Clinical Research & Development Organization. Keyrus Life Science helps connect industry expertise, Life Data Sciences and Digital Enablement to fully...
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Kaneka Eurogentec Sa

Eurogentec was founded in 1985 as a spin-off company of the University of Liège and is now part of Kaneka Corporation. Its mission is to develop and deliver reliable, innovative products and services to the life science community including research labs, biotech, diagnostic company, hospitals and pharmaceuticals companies. ACTIVITIES Eurogentec...
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