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This project was conceived on the basis of the important economic and sanitary impacts related to bovine mastitis in dairy production as well as on the basis of the restrictions on the use of antibiotics as a means of treatment of this pathology. Its objective is the development of phage-based...
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Numerous studies have shown that the majority of medical errors are attributable to a problem of non-technical skills (communication and teamwork) rather than a lack of technical skills. However, most of the training and tools used in these studies are aimed at the acquisition of technical skills only. The SoftMed...
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In the biopharmaceutical sector, the development of bio-processes requires significant investments in time and resources: these processes are generally obtained after numerous iterations aimed at determining the operational parameters and measurements allowing to characterize them. The NEMO project aims to support the development of these bio-processes through digital technologies: it...
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In order to improve the effectiveness of inhalation therapy and prevent the increasing prevalence of respiratory disease exacerbations, Aquilon (AQ) and Radiomics (RDX), together with the academic partners ULiège, ULB and UMONS (A.E., Academic Entities of the consortium) have decided to join their respective competences in the AEROVID project. The...
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The purpose of the Be4OneW project is to provide access to biopharmaceutical care (monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, etc.) to the greatest number of patients, whether in emerging countries or in our European countries, particularly in the event of a shortage or pandemic. To achieve this goal, the present project proposes a...
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The MONITOSED project aims to develop the first non-pharmacological sedation monitoring system for use in daily clinical practice. Currently, the standard for sedation of patients during medical procedures is pharmacological sedation. Several monitoring tools to assess the depth of anesthesia of the patient under pharmacological sedation are available on the...
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Development of a unique platform of specific exosomes: Proof of concept for the solid tumor treatment For many forms of solid tumors (e.g. brain tumors, osteosarcoma, mammary tumors, melanoma), resection of the tumor and treatment for cancer can lead to damage to the function or appearance of part of the...
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Development of a tele-rehabilitation device for Functional neuro Rehabilitation using Intensive Therapy and Evaluation at home for patients with brain lesions The objective of the FRITE@Home project, which brings together the partners Axinesis, Arsalis, UCLouvain and HELHa, is to develop a tele-rehabilitation device, the REAtouch Lite, helping children with cerebral...
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