The BioPharE (“Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Excellence”) project has thus been designed as THE core project with a view to developing critical skills for cross-disciplinary integration, together with operational and strategic excellence in the health biotech business value chain. 

The programme is intended for all target audiences: business employees and academics

Covering strategic BioWin sectors, this project (via its different programmes) aims to:

  • Develop a new business culture with a “more cross-disciplinary approach” within cluster businesses
  • Enlist all stakeholders within the cluster (businesses, research centres, academics, training centres) in consolidating skills, by creating a structured network
  • Boost the employability and entry of students and job seekers into the workforce
  • Enhance the potential for employee mobility, whether between companies, between the academic and corporate environment, or within a given company (which is particularly relevant to major restructuring programmes, as recently observed with UCB, for instance)
  • Support capacity for innovation, by promoting exchanges and synergy

Project leader: BioWin