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‘Chinese investors need a China angle to invest’

True or false?

True in most cases for both RMB and USD investors originating from China. In fact, many Chinese investors can only invest abroad in USD upon approval by the central Chinese government on the condition that they ‘eventually’ bring technology ‘back into China’.

However, a number of the large USD funds do have LP’s from Europe or the USA and hence act as true global investors and are thus less dependent on the Chinese government policy.
The vast majority of Chinese investors whether they invest in USD or in RMB always need a ‘China angle’.

A ‘China angle’ comes in a lot of variants:

• bringing innovative medicines or novel drug modalities to high unmet medical need indications that do not yet have innovative medicine registered in China
• having a China business strategy (ie. clinical trials, local production and a M&S approach, combination therapies)
• having Chinese business partners for production and/or M&S
• having a China business partner for licensing or a JV

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