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Oncodesign est une entreprise biopharmaceutique spécialisée en médecine de précision. Fort d’une expérience unique acquise auprès de plus de 600 clients, dont les plus grandes entreprises pharmaceutiques du monde, et s’appuyant sur une plateforme technologique complète, alliant chimie médicinale, pharmacologie, bioanalyse réglementaire et imagerie médicale de pointe, Oncodesign est en mesure de prédire et d’identifier, très en amont, pour chaque molécule son utilité thérapeutique et son potentiel à devenir un médicament efficace.

OncoDNA, The Cancer Theranostic Company, is the European leading oncology company developing services to enable better treatment choices and efficacy monitoring for oncologists.

OncoRadiomics develops products and services with the unique advantage of providing higher quality care for cancer patients while minimizing total treatment cost at the same time.

Our clients excel in science and technology, we enable this excellence by providing support and services to structure and manage pipelines, projects, processes and teams, and to assist in making today the right buy, sell and make decisions for the future.
OneLife SA is a biomedical company combining wide medical expertise and long experience as a spin-off of Realco SA, world leader since 25+ years in enzyme-based hygiene.
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ORA Neptis
At ORA, we are developing innovative radiochemistry platforms.
Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke is an international legal practice with over 270 Partners and more than 850 lawyers in 24 locations. We help clients tackle the issues they’re facing today, and prepare for the ones they will face tomorrow.

Our mission is to make image management and sharing in healthcare and other sectors simple, powerful and cost efficient through the use of open source software.

Clinical-stage biotech company developing vaccines and ​immunotherapies eliciting powerful CD8+ T Cells immune response


OUAT! is the digital transformation partner for companies in the life sciences industry. We offer a web platform - HakoBio - allowing biopharmaceutical companies to easily create a 3D digital twin of their factories. Once that digital copy is ready, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) empower users to digitally simulate and operate their real environment throughout the factory lifecycle. With total simplicity and autonomy.

Ovizio Imaging Systems
Bringing Viable Cell Counting to a New Dimension