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Before the summer we asked our members’ opinion on a few statements, and maybe urban legends, on Chinese investors in life sciences. We thank all who participated in our survey and have the pleasure of coming back on the statements that triggered the most.

More insight information will be shared during the second virtual event co-organized with AGIO Capital & Business Solution on 30th September 2021 from 10:00-12:00h.

For anyone who wishes to get more understanding about the Chinese life sciences ecosystem, the China angle from an investors point of view, the deployment of a China strategy, the Chinese connection with European life sciences, and more.

Chinese investors are activist investors who want a seat in the (European) board to dominate us

This is rarely the case as Chinese investors realize they know very little about the European Healthcare markets and about ways of doing business. Chinese people are in general also more modest and will not try to have a dominant position in a board.

As mentioned, Chinese investors are mostly focused on the Chinese market and will often only become active at the moment the European company wants to deploy a China strategy. In our experience, this advice is given in a very constructive and helpful manner based on hands-on experience. The successful launch of a European product or company in China is seen as a true win-win. “If the European company succeeds in China, we also succeed.”

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