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Connected-Pathology simplifies access to a range of complex laboratory testing and computational tools for providing and assessing translatable data. As a translation focused contract research laboratory, we help industry innovators unlock clinically relevant insights based on our curated data pool and extensive portfolio of readouts for a reduced-risk path to clinical development and personalized therapies.

Founded in 2021, Connected-Pathology allows CRO’s, biotech’s, pharmaceutical companies, and academic organizations to focus on understanding the complexities of their research and less on the operations. We offer end-to-end histopathology assessments and a flexible workflow that allows our customers to outsource the service and support level needed. This workflow is built with cost-effective and reliable channels that are digitized, automated and efficient such as our TxConnect track and trace ordering system and AI assessment tools.

Combining assessment services such as immunohistochemistry, spatial distribution, ‘omics’ services, assay validation, cytokine analysis, and pathologist assessments with our in-house operational tools allow our laboratories to offer functionally integrated services that accelerate our customers’ research.

Leveraging digital technologies to improve the way research is executed and applied Connected-Pathology is determined to modernize the research of today to contribute to the healthier world of tomorrow.