Our strategy

BioWin supports research and innovation in the fields of biopharma, medtech and digital health.


BioWin’s strategy revolves around five main activities to promote the development and globalization of our members within the four strategic areas for which the Walloon region has a large number of global players.

The 5 activities

  • R&I project support
  • Scaling-up
  • International business development
  • Talent development
  • Communications support

Our strategic areas

Biopharmacy (including cell and gene therapy and industrial production of biologics)

The development and industrial production of therapeutic and prophylactic agents, including vaccines and cell and gene therapies, in different treatment areas. Includes related services, e.g. drug discovery, preclinical activities, clinical trials, etc.

Medical devices and in vitro diagnostics

The development of devices, equipment, apparatus, digital components and reagents to provide: (1) An alternative to medication for monitoring, relieving or treating a condition. (2) An in vitro test to provide information about the pathophysiological condition of a patient.

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within one of these exciting areas

Radiation applied to health

The use of ionizing radiation to diagnose and treat diseases. This area includes the development of proton therapy, isotope production equipment, biomarkers and decision support tools for imaging.

Digital health

The multidisciplinary use of massive data and artificial intelligence to serve 4P (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) medicine.

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The cluster has defined its strategy and its 2020-2023 objectives. These largely stem from the discussions carried out in the various Task Forces initiated in 2018. For the next three years, BioWin intends to address two strategic projects.

PROJECT 1: Accelerate the development of the Walloon biomanufacturing industry

Within the next decade, Wallonia has the potential to become one of the largest global hubs for biomanufacturing: the industrial production of vaccines and biologics. BioWin will undertake a range of activities to support the development of this sector.

  • Contribute to the emergence, structuring and funding of technological or organizational innovation projects.
  • Promote networking and develop a consolidated offer: manufacturers, CDMOs & service providers.
  • Establish contact with private investors, in Belgium and abroad, to demonstrate the ecosystem and to encourage their support for companies in the sector.
  • In collaboration with our regional Trade Agency AWEX, strategically fill the sector’s missing links (attracting foreign companies).
  • Contribute to the emergence of innovative skill development projects and identify the best sources of funding for them.
  • Closely monitor developments in the sector.

PROJECT 2: Make Wallonia a champion in the field of health innovation

BioWin will support Wallonia by assisting in and promoting the decompartmentalization of the hospital and corporate worlds and structuring hospital networks.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 will require a reorganization of our health care systems and innovation within hospitals. It has also helped to partially bridge the gap between two worlds that are too compartmentalized: those of hospital and business.

During this emergency, many technological, digital and organizational innovations have emerged in record time, thanks to the collaboration between players from the hospital, entrepreneurial and academic worlds.

Over the next few years, we need to support and accelerate this movement. In particular, digital technologies and artificial intelligence will be necessary to support healthcare teams.

The cluster will contribute to this large-scale project by:

  • Developing collaborative innovation projects, helping their structuring and fundraising.
  • Developing innovative skill development projects (including managerial and organizational).
  • Applying best international practices at the local level.
  • Promoting research collaborations with the best global hospitals and health ecosystems.
  • Federating the actors and the various stakeholders (through organizing communications & events).



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