International Development Overview

BioWin proactively promotes Walloon technological assets internationally via various networking and publicity activities.

Wallonia supports a large number of highly innovative players in biotech and medtech, providing a unique ecosystem for the development of breakthrough healthcare technologies.

BioWin helps to spread the word around the world, to encourage global collaborations and investments with our members.

Let us support you in your international development with:


  • Visibility actions.
  • Positioning your expertise and skills.
  • Highlighting your potential as a Walloon player in innovative collaborations.

This is carried out via networking activities with other players in the sector, foreign clusters or science parks in line with the various strategic themes of the cluster and the Region.

BioWin also advises and provides guidance to companies with an investment project in Wallonia.

Our international networking:

Medicen – France (Paris)

Lyonbiopole  lyonbiopole (Lyon)

Medical Alley Association –  USA (Minnesota)

Life Sciences Nord – lifesciencenord  Allemagne (Hamburg)

BioPmed – biopmed Italie (Turin)

Tsinghua University  tsinghua  Chine (Pekin)

Europe: Positioning the cluster in Europe is a priority, mainly through collaboration with other European bio-regions.
The United States: Remains the priority target market in the internationalization strategy for SMEs.
Canada: A key market in North America, Canada represents a gateway to the American market.
China: The gateway to the whole of Asia, China represents a huge growth market.
South Korea: Wallonia has a strong track record with South Korean partners, mostly in the cell therapy sector.
Japan: The world’s third largest market, offering high-level market and collaboration opportunities for our innovative SMEs.
Israel: Belgium has a strong network in this country.

Main markets