Welcome to the BioWin “Expert Talks” podcast series ! 

BioWin is pleased to launch its Podcast “Expert Talks” !  In this series BioWin gives the digital floor to experts in the industry to share their expertise and know-how on specific industry-related topics.  

Discover our insightful and inspiring episodes below.

Ep.6 with Baudoin Regout, Advisor of Secretary of State Thomas Dermine, who comments on the statements made in the 1st episode on the reinforcement of the health ecosystem and collaboration between the regions.

What is the role of the public authorities and how can we build further on the success of an already very strong innovative ecosystem?

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Ep.5 with Vinciane Gaussin, Managing Director of Welbio, Baudoin Regout, Advisor of Secretary of State Thomas Dermine, Philippe Denoel, Head of External R&D GSK Vaccines and Sonja Willems, Strategic Director of Janssen Benelux.

How to identify and reinforce the necessary bridges between the Flemish and Walloon ecosystems to strengthen the Belgian position globally and how can Belgium become the Health &Biotech Valley of tomorrow.

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Ep.4 with Fabien Mathieu, Partner and MD, Claire Unterreiner, Mgr Life Science Division and Stefaan Heyvaert, Innovation Performance Mgr  at Ayming

“Innovate or die”: is the answer to this recurring question compatible with sustainable development goals? Why and how a well-defined WHY of any company, especially in Life Sciences, can change the key performance indicators and go beyond the usual financial indicators?

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Ep.3 with Pierre Demoulin, Grants & Incentives Manager at PwC

What is EIB (European Investment Bank) and why is it different from other European funding investment sources? What are the difference types of financial assistance and what kind of advisory services does EIB offer? 

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Ep.2 with Pierre Demoulin, Grants & Incentives Manager at PwC

What tax incentives exist on a federal level and how to lower the financial burden of your research projects? Copyrights regime, withholding tax exemption for R&D, tax credit, innovation income deduction are just a few examples and are explained in this podcast.

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Ep.1 with Pierre Demoulin, Grants & Incentives Manager at PwC

Cash grants, what are the availabilities in Wallonia and in Europe?  What funding opportunities are available and what are the best practices?  What are the different steps to consider as an applicant? 

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