BioWin provides assistance to Walloon biotech and medtech companies wishing to expand their European presence.


BioWin has been investing in a European development approach by implementing three main activities: inter-clustering projects, inter-clustering activities and networks, and supporting its members to Europe through several actions.

Inter-clustering projects

BioWin is a partner in the following projects:

In addition, BioWin is an associated partner in other European projects.

Inter-clustering activities and networks

These activities aim to share good practices between European clusters, along with positioning Wallonia in European debates and initiatives.

Bilateral cooperations

BioWin is also developing bilateral cooperation with European clusters, including:


A real space for exchanging good practices and launching new initiatives, the CEBR (Council of European Bio Regions) is a European association that brings together more than 40 clusters in the field of health.

About 150 partners from 17 European countries make EIT Health one of the worldwide biggest health initiatives. EIT Health allocates funding, under the umbrella of the European Commission, within the European Investment Framework H2020/Horizon Europe.
BioWin is a network partner, which gives cluster members access to numerous programs dedicated to accelerating innovative projects.

BioWin is a member of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, which aims to strengthen the development of clusters at the European level, to promote opportunities for international cooperation between clusters, and to contribute to the European and international policy dialogue on inter-cluster cooperation.

Supporting members to Europe

BioWin supports its members, especially SMEs, to Europe in collaboration with NCP Wallonie, through several actions, including:

  • Raising awareness and disseminating calls for European projects.
  • Organizing dedicated days (infodays, partner search events…),
  • Support in proposal preparation and project management, thanks to the expertise of our partner Modis

The cluster also works with regional, national and European authorities to defend the interests of the region. By thus anchoring the positioning of the cluster and the region on the European stage, the aim is also to strengthen the participation of members in European projects and European Union programs.