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COVID-19: Join BioWin’s cooperation platform!

Join BioWin’s interactive platform for centralization of health initiatives related to COVID-19!

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, BioWin, The Health Cluster of Wallonia, has been widely called upon by its members and the Walloon Government to contribute to the management of the crisis.

To this end, BioWin has set up an interactive platform to gather healthcare initiatives around specific and important themes. These themes are subject to modification and updates according to the positive evolution of the crisis.

We want the platform to be flexible and to answer the emerging needs; this is why the themes have recently evolved. 

Here are the new topics addressed :
1.    Basic research : physiopathology and molecular studies
2.    Epidemiology and modelisation
3.    Biobanking
4.    In vitro & In vivo diagnostic approaches (research & clinical validation)
5.    In vitro & In vivo diagnostic approaches (industrial production)
6.    Treatment/Vaccines (research & clinical development)
7.    Treatment/Drug repurposing (research & clinical development)
8.    Treatment/Novel therapeutic approaches (research & clinical development)
9.    Manufacturing of drugs (including biologics and vaccines)
10.    Medical devices (research & clinical validation)
11.    e‐health & Digital Applications (research & clinical validation)
12.    Data science & artificial intelligence
13.    Manufacturing and recycling of Personal Protection Equipment (masks, disinfectants and sanitizers, …)
14.    Behaviour and mental health
15.    Funding
16.    Others

If you are already registered, please take a minute to check your profile on the platform and update it and your marketplace to fit the new categories and continue to collaborate on these important subjects with the other participants.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the people from BioWin responsible for the themes you are interested in (you can find their names on the homepage).

This platform is open until June, 30. The deadline could be postponed if necessary.
Don’t hesitate to reach the BioWin team members should you have any questions.

The main goals of the platform are:

  1. To gather and structure the initiatives around urgent themes,
  2. To foster interaction between industrial, academic players and other contributors,
  3. To consolidate critical masses around these themes in order to catalyse and strengthen project development.

We invite you from now on to take an active part on this platform, to choose the theme(s) for which you have a solution or a proposal to share and find a partner with whom to discuss and move towards the realisation.

Give visibility to the initiatives that are emerging from your universities, scientific laboratories and teaching hospitals. Don’t hesitate request additional resources through the platform!

How it works:

Every step, from registration to sending and receiving meeting requests, is detailed on the platform. Have a look! 

Note that the platform is also available through the B2Match appDownload it now!

The entire BioWin team is of course at your service to support you in the search and identification of potential partner(s) and to select the most realistic and impactful initiatives in the current circumstances.

Thank you all for your collaboration and commitment.

*This initiative is encouraged by the Walloon Government