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Discover BioWin’s collection on the mobilisation of the ecosystem’s members and the Government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

BioWin thanks its new partner, MODIS, for providing its expertise to the cluster in drafting this document

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is undoubtedly the greatest challenge global health systems have faced in 2020.

Like other European countries, Belgium was strongly impacted and the surge in infections in the Spring prompted the government to enforce a historical nationwide lockdown on the 18th of March.

Faced with this unprecedented health crisis, governing entities and members of the Walloon Health and Life Sciences ecosystem showed a remarkable reactivity, agility and creativity in their response to the pandemic. Universities as well as companies, both large and small, mobilised and offered creative solutions to the numerous problematics arising from the crisis through numerous national and international collaborations and initiatives.

Playing an important role in structuring the ecosystem since its creation in 2005, BioWin contributed to rapidly activate Walloon resources, identify expertise and talents needed for the projects being initiated, and facilitate collaborations between the different actors.

While the significant knowledge gaps with regards to the pathogenesis of COVID-19 and the ever changing epidemiological and social parameters of the crisis have proven to be undeniable challenges, the various actors underlying the Walloon response have risen to the task and, collectively, provided invaluable support towards controlling the repercussions of the pandemic in our country.

Our aim here is to provide a summary of the most impactful Walloon initiatives taken or being developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis, and showcase the efforts, and exceptional spirit of innovation and collaboration of all the actors involved.

Download the full collection here 

Discover below the infographic on the major actors and initiatives of the Walloon response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please note that only a few of the many private and public sector actors of the Walloon Life Sciences ecosystem involved in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic are presented in this figure. (Click to enlarge image)

Once again, BioWin would like to thank its partner, Modis, for providing its expertise to the cluster in drafting this document.