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Aortic VAlve TransApically Resected and Replaced

Aortic stenosis affects about 2 % of the population aged over 65. This disease consists in a hardening of the cardiac valve that will reduce its capabilities during the opening and the closing. Nowadays, the reference treatment is an open heart surgery in order to replace the diseased valve. This kind of surgery is very traumatic and is so inaccessible to one part of the patients. However, some new miniinvasive technologies allow to a bigger part of the patients to be operated thanks to an expandable prosthetic valve. This surgery is performed without stopping the heart. However, these very promising new techniques have some disadvantages because the native valve is not resected. Indeed, the prosthesis is placed on the diseased valve and causes a lot of complications for the patient.

The AVATAR² project aims to develop a new medical device that will allow to resect the native valve and to place a new one. This new medical device will permit to these new techniques to reach the performances ofthe open heartsurgery with a reduction ofthe per- and post-operative traumatisms.



Companies: Medi-Line, Ciseo

Universities: UCLouvain, Université Libre de Bruxelles