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Labconsult is an independent distributor that supports leading laboratories in the selection and supply of scientific accessories and instrumentation.  It is our mission to provide every lab with scientific expertise and a high level of service. We are primarily oriented towards research activities, life science & biotechnology, in vitro diagnostics and industrial quality control....
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Project co-led by the MecaTech and BioWin clusters The project deals with the subject of neurostimulation, one of the rapidly developing fields of medicine. The goal is to develop an implant where wires have been replaced by optical fibers and which also uses photovoltaic cells to convert monochromatic optical energy...
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SYnAbs' mission is to generate innovative monoclonal antibodies against poor immunogenic compounds and complex antigens. Either as a custom service, or as a catalog product, IVD and Biotech players benefit from SYnAbs technologies to get access to singular binder (small molecules) and effector antibodies (transmembrane protein, GPCR, ion channels...) SYnAbs...
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