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CERHUM is a company specialized in bone reconstruction for maxillofacial and orthopaedic surgery. We print custom-made bone graft.

Our goal is to facilitate surgical interventions and achieve the best aesthetic result for the patient, by offering an alternative solution to autografts and allografts.

Product information

CERHUM established a fully controlled process and a clean manufacturing environment. Since then, CERHUM has already produced thousands of 3D printed bone grafts for R&D, CDMO and patient use.

CERHUM is developing its Mybone solution around 3 major axes:

  1. Patient specific bone graft for maxillofacial surgery
  2. Research & Development for Post-oncological, intra-oral and orthopedic applications.
  3. Contrat Manufacturing different markets (orthopedic, spine surgery,…)



Thibaut Breuls

Valentin Henriet