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Progenus is an innovative scientific Belgian company founded in 2001. The Progenus team offers development and/or OEM production services for diagnostic kits based on DNA analysis.

Your creative, innovative partner for DNA expertise

Progenus develops your PCR tests and DNA extraction kits according to your requirements. Whether you want to develop tests for your internal controls or to produce diagnostic kits, Progenus is your partner.

Progenus, thanks to its multidisciplinary team of scientists, is also involved in a number of research projects in order to remain at the cutting edge of innovation.

We put our ISO13485-certified know-how and expertise at your disposal to provide you with the services you need. Our teams can help you draw up IVDR documentation and provide technical support to your customers.

Contact us!

Bénédicte Renaville
+32 81 61 6901