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The health sector sees the emergence of new generations of innovative therapies, among which promising approaches are related to gene and cell therapies. This evolution often leads to the deployment of patient-centric processes, implying not only dramatic changes in the bio-production processes but also significant increases of the treatment costs. In order to address those major challenges, the biotech industry will need to adopt and deploy the principles of lean manufacturing and of the Industry 4.0 concept.

The BioCloud4.0 project gathers 8 partners (among which 4 technology providers, 1 end-users and 3 academic labs) for designing and developing an integrated innovative IT solution to support the biotech industry in deploying the Industry 4.0 principles in bio-production processes, thanks to an endto-end integrated solution (“from clean room to patient”) combining new generations of smart sensors, a radically innovative radio transmission solution and patient-centric software solutions. Internet of Things technologies and Cloud computing approaches are amongst the core technologies that BioCloud4.0 exploits.



Companies: Sapristic International, Biion, Jumo Automation, See Telecom, Novadip BioSciences

Universities: UCLouvain, UMons, ISSeP