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Development and production of DNA vaccines without antibiotic resistance gene

DNA vaccination seems to be a promising method of fighting diseases. For this application, plasmid DNA is injected into the subject (man or animal). This plasmid DNA encodes for an antigen that will be produced by the subject’s cells. In addition to the antigen, the plasmid also encodes for a resistance to an antibiotic used during the construction and production of the molecule. This resistance is increasingly less tolerated by the regulatory agencies (FDA and EMA). In the context of this project, we are proposing to replace this antibiotic resistance by a selection system based on bacterial genesthat have already been used by Delphi Geneticsforthe production of proteins without an antibiotic-resistance gene. The project’s objective is threefold:

  • To develop a technology enabling DNA vaccines to be formulated quickly and without antibiotic-resistance genes.
  • To obtain sufficient scientific data to constitute a file for FDA or USDA and EMA

To proceed with at least three examples of effective DNA vaccines in the veterinary field



Companies: Delphi Genetics SA, Eurogentec

Universities: ULiège, UCLouvain