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When surgical removal is not possible, oncologists have few treatment options to offer their cancer patients.
Trasis, Xpress Biologics, CMMI (ULB) and UMONS are embarking on the FAR (Fragments of Antibodies for Radioimmunotherapy) research project to promote the use of antibody fragments as carriers of radioactive isotopes. By using both the ability of antibody fragments to target tumours and the ability of radioactive isotopes to signal or destroy them, selective drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of many cancers can be developed.
During this project, the consortium will work on the development of industrialized and simplified solutions for the production of radiolabelled antibody fragments for Radio Immuno Therapy (RIT). This work will not only accelerate the development of many RIT drugs, but also ensure their daily production during their commercialization and clinical use phase.
The project, which will last 36 months and has a budget of €2.3 million, should start in the second half of 2020.

Companies: Trasis, Xpress Biologics
Universities: UMons
Research centers: CMMI (ULB)

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Corentin Warnier:
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