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Optimization of the treatment with HepaMune in fibro-inflammatory chronic liver diseases

The aim of the IMPROVE project is to develop a new cell therapy product that will be used for the treatment of fibro-inflammatory chronic liver diseases. The objective is to develop a product exhibiting increased immuno-modulatory and anti-inflammatory potential, as well as anti-microbial properties. On the other hand, the new product should also display a lower immunogenic profile. In the second phase of the project, the product will be validated in a mouse animal model of inflammation in order to assess its in vivo functional activity. The deliverable of the project will be a new cell therapy product, specifically designed for the treatment of chronic liver diseases and ready to enter the first clinical trials for these indications with a clear unmet medical need.


Companies: Promethera BioSciences, ImmunXperts

Universities / Higher education: UCLouvain, Meurice R&D – Haute Ecole Lucia De Brouckère



Elisa Corritore: