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M2-Target aims to develop a non-invasive imaging method for the detection and quantification of M2 macrophages. This method is based on a new radiotracer (called 68Ga-ABSCINT-206) initially developed at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). It is composed of a single-domain antibody fragment (also called “nanobodies”) that recognizes a receptor (CD206) overexpressed on the surface of M2 macrophages. This new imaging method will be developed to detect and monitor cardiac sarcoidosis, a severe disease of unknown origin in which the immune system forms multiple points of inflammation in the heart muscle. This new imaging method will therefore allow an early diagnosis of this disease, an indispensable (and currently absent) medical need for the prevention of cardiac complications.
M2-Target, with a duration of 48 months, associates ABSCINT, a recently created company, two industrial partners IRE and xPress Biologics and two academic partners, UCLouvain (MIRO Unit) and VUB (ICMI Unit).

The project is scheduled to start in early 2021.

Companies : ABSCINT, IRE, Xpress Biologics
Universities : UCLouvain (Unité MIRO), VUB (Unité ICMI)

Contact :