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Medical Resource Real-Time Optimizer

The project was born from interactions betweenmembers ofthe young PALANTIRIS company and IBA, both companiesfacing the limitations of traditional workflow management techniques when it comes to orchestrate complex processes in a hospital service. Such processes involve numerous shared resources(rooms, diagnostics,treatment equipment,…) within stricttiming constraints and in a highly dynamic environment. The final objective of the project is to elaborate an intelligent s o f t w a r e tool capable of dynamically optimizing the priority of activities and the allocation of these shared resources. In a first phase, the proposed solution will capture events from any stage of the modeled workflows, this information will be translated into meaningful indicators to be monitored in real-time by the medical staff. In the second and third phases, the software will progressively incorporate realtime optimization algorithms proposing intelligent scheduling alternatives. In the context of MIRROR, this solution will be prototyped on Particle Therapy and Nuclear Medicine cases.



Companies: IBA, Palantiris

Universities: UCL

Research centers: Narilis