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Aseptic Technologies develops and manufactures innovative equipment used for the manufacture of injectable drugs, and in particular for the aseptic fill & finish of new biotechnology drugs, such as cell therapy, gene therapy or therapeutic vaccines.

The closed vial technology (AT-Closed Vial® Technology) is based on a vial supplied ready-to-fill: it is already clean, sterile and closed. In the filling machine, a special needle pierces the stopper and injects the product into the vial. The stopper is then immediately re-sealed by a laser shot. The vial is highly resistant to storage at -80 ° C and in (vapor phase of) liquid nitrogen, making it a perfect container for cell and gene therapies.

Hundreds of companies around the world, from the largest to the smallest, from California to Japan, are already using this innovative Walloon technology for the development of tomorrow’s drugs.

Contact: Jean-Sébastien Parisse

Tel: +32 81 409 410


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