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Bioxodes is a clinical stage company developing a first-in-class drug candidate, Ir-CPI, for the prevention of thrombosis and neuroinflammation in haemorrhagic stroke patients.

Bioxodes’ innovative pipeline includes a clinical-stage program for the prevention of thrombosis and neuroinflammation in patients with an intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH). Neuroinflammation plays a critical role in the neurologic decline of ICH patients. Ir-CPI, the lead drug candidate of this program, exhibits a unique mechanism of action by targeting coagulation factors (FXIIa & FXIa) and neutrophils, key driver components of the neuroinflammatory process. Ir-CPI prevents blood clot formation without increasing the bleeding risk — a major asset in ICH patients — due to the specific coagulation factors targeted by this compound.

In parallel, Bioxodes is developing a pipeline of drug candidates with the objectives to treat chronic thrombo-inflammatory and inflammatory diseases.


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