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The IRE group is composed of 2 main entities, IRE and IRE ELiT. With nearly 250 employees, IRE is one of the world’s leading producers of radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine for diagnosis and therapy. For its part, IRE ELiT is active in radiopharmaceutical production.

The main activity of IRE is the production of radioisotopes for diagnostic and treatment applications in the field of nuclear medicine. These products are the active ingredients of many radiopharmaceutical medicines. For its part, IRE ELiT produces several radiopharmaceutical derivatives used in the treatment of certain cancers and in palliative care. Finally, IRE Lab is the entity of the IRE specialized in advice and tailor-made solutions for the control and analysis of radioactivity.

Avenue de l’Espérance 1
6220 Fleurus (Belgium)
T. +32 (0)71829556

Bérénice PIGNOL
Marketing & Communication Manager
Mobile: +32 471 70 62 44