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MyCellHub is a spin-off of the KU Leuven, founded in 2019 and raised over €1M with a broad investors consortium. The team has extensive knowledge in both cell therapy manufacturing and software development for highly regulated industries. MyCellHub is part of the Horizon 2020 Eurostars project and has been sponsored by a VLAIO Innovation Mandate.

MyCellHub optimizes biotech companies’ operations. We do this by getting rid of paperwork and by offering one central location where biotech companies can digitally manage manufacturing data and processes. Our Software as a Service solution brings down the production cost of novel therapies and simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements by providing electronic batch records, MES and ERP features. MyCellHub’s interactive work instructions prevent errors made in labs and cleanrooms and guarantee higher product quality.


Twitter (@MyCellHub) 


Contact person

Sébastien de Bournonville, Co-Founder, CBDO 

+32 494 07 61 05 

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